Congratulations to Braemar skaters who passed tests on November 12th

Braemar was buzzing with 26 skaters taking 33 tests at our most recent test session on November 12, 2012!

Congratulations to the following skaters who passed their dance, moves-in-the-field, and free skate tests. We are proud of all the skaters who did their best and tested that day.


Skater                Dance Test

Rebecca Bone                   Gold Dance-Quickstep, Gold Dance-Argentine Tango

Merrick Ernst                    Silver Dance- Silver Tango, Silver Dance-American Waltz, Silver Dance-Rocker Foxtrot

Annmarie Schmid             Pre-Silver Dance-Fourteenstep


Skater               Free Skate Test

Coco Kaminski                 Junior Free Skate

Lauren Docherty              Intermediate Free Skate

Izzy Chapman                  Juvenile Free Skate

Lauren Wright                  Pre-Juvenile Free Skate

Addie Christianson          Preliminary Free Skate

Sydney Dorvil                  Pre-Preliminary Free Skate


Skater               Moves In The Field Test

Olivia Haller                     Junior Moves in the Field

Ellen Smalley                    Junior Moves in the Field

Lucy Nelson                      Novice Moves in the Field

Addie Christianson           Intermediate Moves in the Field

Emma Clark                      Intermediate Moves in the Field

Stephanie Makredes          Intermediate Moves in the Field

Haley Briesch                     Juvenile Moves in the Field

Sophie Chez                       Juvenile Moves in the Field

Elizabeth Dovolis               Juvenile Moves in the Field

Amber Graber                    Juvenile Moves in the Field

Alison Neumann                Juvenile Moves in the Field

Sydney Dorvil                    Pre-preliminary Moves in the Field


A big thank you to our local judge Lynda Lubratt and our Washington state judges Oldi and Dorothy Alt.


Mary Desautels and Kendra Smalley

Co-Test Chairs, Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club


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