Braemar Skaters Represent in Fall Competitions

With Fall comes many figure skating competitions, and Braemar skaters represent! Congratulations to the many figure skaters who competed at Burnsville Autumn Skate Fest, St. Cloud Granite City Classic, Upper Great Lakes, Northern Blades Rising Stars, Madison Open. We are proud of your accomplishments!

Autumn Skate Fest 2012

Burnsville, MN
November 2-4, 2012

Braemar Home Club – Well Balanced Competitors
Hanne Considine, Juvenile – 1st Freeskate
Laurel Smalley, Juvenile – 2nd Freeskate
Claire Desautels, Open Pre-Juvenile – 2nd Freeskate, 1st Compulsory
Sophie Chez, Preliminary – 2nd Freeskate
Emily Considine, Preliminary – 4th Freeskate
Maddie Winter, Pre-Preliminary – Freeskate Competitor
Marie Landelle, Pre-Preliminary – Freeskate Competitor
Braemar Home Club – Test Track Competitors
Stephanie Makredes, Pre-Juvenile – 4th Freeskate
Lauren Wright, Pre-Juvenile – Freeskate Competitor
Addie Christianson, Preliminary – 3rd Freeskate
Danielle Dee, Beginner – Freeskate Competitor
Braemar Home Club – Basic Skills Competitors
Maggie Walker, Basic 7 – 1st Freeskate
Ashley Blanton, Basic 6 – 2nd Freeskate
Laura Kupper, Basic 6 – 2nd Freeskate, 2nd Compulsory
Maddy Slaughter, Basic 6 – 3rd Freeskate
Martha Nordland, Basic 5 – 3rd Freeskate
Elsie Gilder, Basic 5 – 4th Freeskate
Katie Kagel, Basic 5 – Freeskate Competitor
Braemar Associate – Well Balanced Competitors
Briana Chang, Pre-Preliminary – 3rd Freeskate
Braemar Associate – Test Track Competitors
Noelle Sjoquist, Junior – 1st Freeskate
Rachel Cramer, Novice – 2nd Freeskate
Lauren Docherty, Intermediate – 1st Freeskate
Brooke Halvorson, Intermediate – 2nd Freeskate


Granite City Classic
St. Cloud, MN
November 9 & 10, 2012

Braemar Home Club – Well Balanced Competitors
Samantha Considine, Novice – 2nd Freeskate
Laurel Smalley, Juvenile – 3rd Freeskate
Katie McMaster, Juvenile – 4th Freeskate
Julia Eckberg, Pre-Juvenile – Freeskate Competitor
Isabelle Chapman, Open Pre-Juvenile – 1st Freeskate, 2nd Jumps, 2nd Spins
Lauren Swenson, Open Pre-Juvenile – 4th Freeskate
Claire Desautel, Open Pre-Juvenile – Freeskate Competitor
Schreiner Sadie, Preliminary – 1st Freeskate
Sophie Chez, Preliminary – 2nd Freeskate
Schreiner Otto, Pre-Preliminary – 1st Freeskate
Julia Molitor, No Test – 4th Freeskate
Braemar Home Club – Test Track Competitors
Mariel Kieval, Novice – Freeskate Competitor
Claire Lively, Intermediate – 2nd Freeskate
Sara Vanhove, Intermediate – Freeskate Competitor
Lindsay Dow, Pre-Preliminary – 2nd Freeskate
Byrn Osborne, Pre-Preliminary – 4th Freeskate
Anna Medina, Beginner – 4th Freeskate
Alison Burns, Limited Beginner – 1st Freeskate

2013 Upper Great Lakes Regional Figure Skating Championships

Green Bay, WI
October 12-16, 2012

Haley Briesch    Preliminary Ladies 1st Qualifying Round, 1st Championship Round
Xavier Buhman   Novice Men  5th Short, 7th overall
Isabelle Chapman   Open Pre-Juvenile Ladies Well Balanced, 1st Championship Round
Emma Clark        Pre-Preliminary Ladies Group C, 7th Qualifying Round
Rachel Cramer    Novice Ladies Test Track, 9th
Claire Desautels  Preliminary Group D, 3rd Qualifying Round, 9th  Championship Round
Julia Eckberg      Pre-Juvenile Well Balanced Group D, 13th Qualifying Round
Maddie Farrell     Juvenile Test Track Group B, 7th Qualifying Round
Rayna Fordahl    Open Pre-Juvenile Well Balanced, 7th Championship Round
Coco Kaminski    Novice Free Skate Group C, 7th Qualifying Round
Patrice Martineau Novice Group B, 8th Qualifying Round
Mikaela Meadows  Open Pre-Juvenile Well Balanced 6th Championship Round
Alison Neumann  Preliminary Girls – 3rd  Qualifying Round, Championship Round Finalist (13th )
Bailey Pekar         Pre-Preliminary Well Balanced Group D, 10th
Linnea Peterson    Intermediate Group B, 11th Qualifying Round
Liesl Schreiner      Pre-Juvenile Group B Well Balanced, 6th Qualifying Round
Noelle Sjoquist     Junior Test Track,  5th
Laurel Smalley      Pre-Juvenile Well Balanced Group D, 8th Qualifying Round
Hailey Walker       Intermediate Group D, 4th Qualifying Round, Qualified for Championship Round, withdrew due to injury
Juliana Welter       Intermediate Ladies, 2nd  Qualifying Round, Championship Round Finalist (15th )

Northern Blades Rising Star Figure Skating Competition

Blaine, MN
October 7, 2012

Emma Richards     Limited Beginner Compulsory, 1st; Free Skate, 2nd
Izzy Radley           Well Balanced Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, 4th

2012 Madison Open

Madison, WI
September 21-23, 2012

Haley Briesch        Preliminary Girls Free skate,  3rd
Alison Neumann    Preliminary Girls Free skate,  2nd
Juliana Welter         Intermediate Ladies Short Program,  1st
                                Intermediate Ladies Long Program, 2nd

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