Host families needed for international exchange students interested in figure skating.

Greenheart International, a nonprofit agency, is searching for volunteer host families for high school foreign exchange students arriving in August.  Students stay an academic school year (through early June) and attend the local public high school where the host family resides.  Our students are 15-18 years old, they speak English, have medical insurance, and their own spending money.  We are searching for open minded and nurturing families South of the River who can provide a room (may be shared), meals, and a caring environment for their student.   Local Coordinators are available to provide support services/monitoring of the students and host families.  We have students from over 100 countries including Czech Republic, China, Germany, South Korea, Albania, Sweden, Brazil, Italy, & Poland…  For more information on the program or how to host one of our students, please contact Mary Armstrong at 952-657-3406 / / email:


Sonia (girl, France) – 17 years old – enjoys ice dancing, orienteering, ice skating, baking, politics, and volunteering.  She hopes to become a doctor.  She is Jewish and willing to attend the religious organization of her host family.  She does not eat pork.  She has no pet allergies.

Laurie (girl, Hong Kong) – 15 years old – enjoys figure skating, Chinese dance, cooking, reading, drama, listening to music,, watching sports, outdoor activities, watching tv/movies, handicrafts.  She has no pet allergies or dietary restrictions.

Victor (boy, Brazil) – 17 years old – enjoys ice skating, ice hockey, fishing, music playing guitar, drawing anime, baseball, basketball, biking, bowling, hunting, inline skating, ping pong, rowing, sailing, swimming, tennis, & track and field.  He has no pet allergies or dietary restrictions. He is Christian and willing to attend church with his host family.

Best regards,

Mary Armstrong

Greenheart International

TEL 952-657-3406

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