Where can I find an introduction to the sport of figure skating and the United States Figure Skating Association?

Figure skating is a great way to stay fit while having fun and can be the gateway to other activities such as competitive figure skating, synchronized skating, and acquisition of basic skating skills important to being a successful hockey player.

The United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) is the national governing body for the sport of figure skating in the U.S.  For more information, visit the USFSA About Us page and/or review their Fact Sheet.



Where can I start taking lessons if I am a beginner?

The City of Edina offers skating classes throughout the year.

These classes are taught by experienced skating professionals and will get you off to a great start with basic skills while having fun and staying fit.

For more information on city classes, visit the Braemar Arena’s Skating Classes page.



How do I transition from Edina city classes to private skating lessons at BCLFSC?

When your skater has achieved a certain level of proficiency in skating through the city classes including the Jump and Spin class, you can participate in the Junior Club program.

This program is tailored to skaters (ages 4-18) who would like to further pursue skating beyond the Basic Skills level (via the city classes).  This program is a natural progression in a skater’s training and serves as a bridge to introduce the skater and parents to Club Membership.

Click here for details about the Junior Club.



What does the parent of a skater need to know?

Parents play an important role in supporting and encouraging their figure skater.

The USFSA has a useful page designed for parents that includes information on responsibilities of a skating parent, the basic skills program and more: Click Here.



How do I pick a coach?

Selecting a coach is an important step for your skater and there are many points to consider.  The USFSA has a number of good resources for you to review prior to making this decision including guidelines to consider if you are thinking of switching to a different coach.

Read through these and then review the BCLFSC coaching professionals page to look over the specializations and qualifications of the different coaches.  You can also take some time to observe different coaches working with their skaters during a club ice session.  Feel free to contact a Board Member if you have any further questions.


Where can I buy figure skates?

Figure skates can be purchased at a wide variety of locations but the best place to start is to consult your skater’s coach or city class instructor for their recommendations.

They will be able to advise you on the type of boot and blade that is best suited to your skater’s level and abilities.



How do I take care of my skates (boot and blade care, etc)?

A good pair of figure skates is an important investment and proper care is essential.

Be sure to protect the blades with skate guards when you are not on the ice.  Keep your blades clean and sharp by wiping them off with a soft cloth after you skate and having them sharpened by an expert. Read more about caring for your figure skates here.


What is synchronized skating and how can I learn more about participating at Braemar?

Synchronized skating (also known as synchro) is a fun, competitive team sport, which is fast-growing in popularity around the world. It’s a highly technical form of team skating, in which teams of 8-20 skaters display individual skating skills at fast speeds, while skating side-by-side in unison. Teams are determined based on certain age and moves-in-the-field skill requirements.

Team Braemar is presenting three synchro teams for 2013-2014 at the Junior and Novice and Beginner levels. Team Braemar Junior is the reigning 2013 Junior National Champions! For more information about the sport of synchro, download the 2013 USFSA Synchronized Skating Media Guide.  And check out our Synchro page to find out more about becoming a part of Team Braemar for this 2013-2014 competition season!



What is involved in competitive skating?

Many skaters enjoy participating in competitions to test their skating skills.  Let your coach know that you are interested so they can help you to develop your competitive levels and goals.  For more information on competitive skating, read these documents on what to expect in competitions and types of competition.

The BCLFSC has its annual Braemar Figure Skating Competition in June, including one geared toward Basic Skills skaters, so this is a great way to try a competition while having fun with your friends.

Check out the Braemar Competition page for details about this event.


What are the ice etiquette rules I should know about when skating on club ice?

Essential knowledge for being safe and courteous on the ice is to know about and comply with ice etiquette while skating on club sessions.

Be sure to read through the Ice Etiquette rules and ask your coach if you have any questions!



What requirements do I have as a BCLFSC member parent?

To help BCLFSC run smoothly for your skater, each member family has required annual volunteer hours.

In addition, each member family must assist with ice monitoring three (3) times each contract period, for the safety of all of our BCLFSC skaters. These contract periods include: Fall (September, October, November), Winter (December, January, February), Spring (March, April, May) and Summer (June, July, August). These ice monitoring requirements are described in your Ice Contract as well as all Membership Forms.

For helpful descriptions of the Ice Monitor and Volunteering RequirementsIce Monitoring Duties and Music Playing Procedures, please click on the links.

If you have questions about ice monitoring, please email Evelyn Bone, Ice Monitor Coordinator. For more information or questions about membership, please contact Evelyn Bone, Membership Coordinator, via email.




How can I get involved with Braemar as a volunteer?

BCLFSC is a success due to its volunteers including Board Members, Volunteer coordinators and Club members who actively participate in supporting club activities such as the Braemar Competition and Ice Show.

We are always looking for people to help with various efforts such as ice monitoring, organizing events, community outreach and much, much more.

Perhaps you have a special skill or ability that can be used to help the Club support its members and the community.  For specifics about how you can participate as a volunteer, visit the Volunteer page.

Other Resources and Links

Twin Cities Figure Skating Association
The TCFSA is comprised of figure skating clubs in Minnesota that are permanent members of the USFSA.  This web site provides information on local area and statewide events, news and more.

Figure Skater’s Website
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