Ice Session Schedule


Dates: FALL Session Ice at Braemar City of Lakes FSC runs from AUGUST 25, 2017 to OCTOBER 21, 2017

Schedule/Contract: Ice session schedule and required test levels for each session are below:

Registration: Fill out this form BCLFSC Contract 2017 Fall and drop off at BCLFSC mail box at Braemar Arena.  Non Braemar members will be prompted to become members.

Deadline: The deadline for paper registration is August 25, 2017 at noon after which a $50 late fee will be assessed. Only paper/hard copy registrations and check is accepted. Drop off completed forms with checks in Club Mailbox at the rink.

Buy On Rate:
Members: $14/session (for those contracting 2-4 sessions/week), $12/session (for those skater families contracting 5+ sessions/week)
Guests: $16/session

Please Note :

Please Note No Ice Day


Important Reminders:

  1. Each Home skating member of our club is required to purchase two ice sessions per week.  Each Junior Club skating member of our club is required to purchase one ice session per week.
  2. Ice Monitor requirement per family of 3 times per contract period in Fall (September through November), Winter (December through February), Spring (March through May) and Summer (June through August) — also for Associate and Junior Club members — or be assessed with $90 for each season (not prorated). Here is the link to sign up for the Ice Monitoring:
  3. Volunteer Requirement. All Home Club member families, who contract for ice are required to fulfill: minimum Standard Volunteer requirement per family of 6 hours or be assessed with a $90 fee for the year (this fee can be prorated).
  4. We will continue to have the ice exchange policy:  Ice can be exchanged 7 days before or 7 days after the missed ice session (excluding Synchro).
  5. Exchanges into sessions by BCLFSC members have priority over buy-ons for non-BCLFSC members.
  6. The contract rate for 50 minute session is $12 per session
  7. Members will be billed for buy-ons and the cost is $14 per session.
  8. Member families contracted for 5 or more sessions will be able to buy on at the rate of $12.
  9. Contract and buy-on rates are subject to change based on approval by the BCLFSC Board of Directors.

Ice Coordinator

For more information on ice availability, please email our Ice Coordinator, Evelyn Bone.