Junior Club Membership


Once your skater has progressed through the group “Learn to skate” classes offered by the City of Edina at Braemar Arena, consider joining the Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club as a Junior Club member. Junior Club is the next step for your child to learn and develop his or her skating skills. Rather than large group classes, Junior Club members are able to learn from a Braemar skating professional in small groups (semi-private lessons), or have private lessons to receive more personalized skating instruction. As a Junior Club member, you are able to use the entire sheet of ice when you are receiving your lessons.

Unique Advantages of Junior Club Membership

  • Reduced club membership fee
  • Smaller group or private lessons from experienced professional instructors
  • A variety of ice times to better suit your schedule
  • Individualized attention and introduction to additional skating techniques
  • Opportunity to join a skating community
  • Opportunity to determine if your skater would like to pursue this sport as an individual or synchronized competitive skater

Junior Club

Membership Details

Joining the BCLFSC as a Junior Club member is a great way to see if your child would like to pursue individual or synchronized competitive skating or simply enjoy the benefits of recreational skating. No matter what you decide, your child will have fun meeting other kids who enjoy the sport of figure skating!

Membership is open to anyone at any time. The regular annual Club Membership goes from July 1 to June 30. This membership level allows you to join the club at a reduced fee of $90/year and enjoy individualized private lessons with a coaching professional of your choice. Junior Club members are required to contract for at least one session a week.

Typical Costs For Junior Club Members

Junior Club Membership: $90/year (July 1st – June 30th) – Limit of one year. Junior club members are required to contract for at least one session a week.

Ice Cost: Varies by contract

Selecting a Coach

To find bios and contact information for our BCLFSC coaches, please go to COACHES PAGE. Observing the coaches during class time or on a Club Ice Session is another way to help choose the coach that would be a fit for your skater. Our Skate School Director/Head Pro, Kathleen Gazich at [email protected] is also available to help facilitate this transition.

Ice Cost: Members may contract for ice time throughout the year. The contract rate is $13-15 per session depending on the number of contracted sessions per week. Ice buy-on (non-contracted sessions) rates are an additional $2 depending on the number of contracted sessions.

Coaching Fees: Private lessons or small group coaching fees vary depending on the number of skaters, but may range from $5 to $7 per twenty-minute session per skater. Individual coaching fees range from $20 to $25 per twenty minute session; freestyle sessions are 45-50 minutes long.

Want even more information?

Browse through our Club website to learn more about our Club and membership information about BCLFSC. If you would like to contact our organization at please e-mail us at [email protected] If your young skater has enthusiasm, dedication and the desire to succeed in the sport of figure skating, we would love to hear from you.