Test Info and Dates

Test Session Dates

December 9, 2021 Test Session 10am-1pm

March 2, 2022 Test Session 10am-1pm

May 24, 2022 Test Session 10am-1pm

July 28, 2022 Test Session 5-8pm


A figure skater’s progress is measured by a series of tests which are governed by two skating associations, United States Figure Skating Association (USFS) and Ice Skating Institute (ISI). BCLFSC conducts test sessions throughout the year, offering Moves in the Field and Freestyle evaluations.

These tests establish skating levels in each discipline for competitive purposes. Skaters are grouped according to their test level in sanctioned competitions, allowing skaters of similar abilities to compete against one other. Skaters demonstrate their skating skills at these designated test sessions in front of qualified official USFS judges.

Test sessions hosted by Braemar allow a skater to test their skating achievements in a positive, friendly environment. Many skaters who participate in testing and competitive skating find each a challenging and enjoyable aspect of the sport!

Please contact Braemar Test Co-Chairs, Jan Anderson and/or [email protected], via e-mail if you have any questions. Or, click this link for more information on our Braemar test sessions. To register for an upcoming Braemar test session, ENTRYEEZE.