Membership FAQS


Benefits of Club Membership

Consider joining the Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club (BCLFSC) and enjoy the benefits of being a club member, and become a part of our skating family! These benefits include:

  • U.S. Figure Skating (USFS) Membership that allows you to participate in USFS competitions and test sessions
  • Ability to contract for individualized private lessons with coaching professionals of your choice
  • Access to the Club Locker room
  • Ability to contract for ice sessions including reduced ice cost for contracted sessions
  • Ability to participate in club events such as the Annual Ice Show and Holiday Exhibition
  • Access to off-ice training facility
  • Opportunity to make friends and become part of the skating community

Types of Club Membership

There are 5 Types of Membership at Braemar and each type has a different annual cost, associated skating privileges, and responsibilities. The membership period extends from July 1st through June 30th. The deadline to renew is June 30th of each member year. Memberships are being accepted through entryeeze. To renew or join, please go to Entryeeze

The different types of memberships are:

$155 Home Club
$120 Associate
$65 Sustaining
$105 4-Year College membership
$90 Junior club

These membership options include:

Home Club/Regular Membership

For skaters whose primary membership (home club) is at Braemar City of Lakes Figure Skating Club. Home Club membership is $155/year. Click HERE to go to the online membership link.

Associate Membership

For skaters whose primary membership is at another USFS club but who wish to skate on Braemar ice. Associate membership is $120/year. Click HERE to go to the online membership link.

Sustaining Membership

For USFS officials, Braemar professionals, Braemar alumni, Board members and Club supporters. Sustaining membership is $65/year. Click HERE to go to the online membership link.

4 Year College Membership

For skaters who are currently enrolled in a 4-year college. 4-Year College membership is $105/year.

Junior Club Membership

For younger, beginning level skaters (typically ages 4-11) who would like to transition from City Classes beyond the Basic Skills level and have the enthusiasm and desire to participate in the sport of figure skating. Braemar’s Junior Club Program is a natural progression in a skater’s training and serves as a bridge to introduce a skater and his/her family to Club Membership. Junior Club membership is $90/year.

For more details about Junior Club Membership please go to the Junior Club page CLICK HERE or to join go to the Membership CLICK HERE

Off-Ice Facilities Usage

For skaters from other clubs who wish to use the Braemar ballet room and off-ice equipment. Click BCLFSC Off-Ice-Facilities-Usage-Form to download the Off Ice Facilities Usage Application.

What requirements do I have as a BCLFSC member parent?

Our club is run entirely by volunteers, and as such requires the volunteer efforts of every family for the benefit of our skaters. Strong volunteer commitment within the BCLFSC community will ensure continued success in our Braemar Skating Competition, Holiday Exhibition, our Annual Ice Show, and Board-designated projects.

There are two areas where we require membership volunteering

  • Standard Volunteering Requirement:
    • Home Club: 10 hours over the entire membership year or pay a $150 fee.
    • Junior Club: 5 hours over the entire membership year or pay $75 fee.
    • Skating families volunteering 8+ hours of their time at our annual Braemar Competition will be able opt out of one season of Ice Monitoring requirements i.e. Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring.
  • Monitoring Requirement:
    • 3 monitoring sessions/hours per season or pay a $90 fee for all Home, Associate and Junior Club members. Each member family must assist with ice monitoring three (3) times each contract period, for the safety of all of our BCLFSC skaters. These contract periods include: Fall (September, October, November), Winter (December, January, February), Spring (March, April, May) and Summer (June, July, August). These ice monitoring requirements are described in your Ice Contract as well as all Membership Forms.
    • For helpful descriptions of the Ice Monitor and Volunteering Requirements, Ice Monitoring Duties and Music Playing Procedures, please click on the links.
    • Signing up for your ice monitoring times is as easy as clicking our Sign Up Genius sent via entryeeze to pick days and times that’s convenient for your schedule! As we want to ensure our skaters and coaches receive sufficient monitoring support, note that the fee has increased to $90 per each season.
    • A season is defined as Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer if you have any questions, please contact the Club at [email protected].

Other Requirements: All Club Members are required to purchase a ticket package (includes 4 Adult/Senior tickets and 4 Child tickets) to support our annual Spring Ice Show. Associate and Junior Club members participating in the show are also required to purchase.